Newbie’s guide to Rackspace (Server Creation)

Hello nerds,

I’m writing this quickie as a tutorial on how to create your first server on rackspace, However, I won’t discuss how to set it up, just the creation part, I’ll show you how to interact and setup the server in another article. One of the requirements is a fast and stable internet connection. You’ll want to be sure you have good advisers for broadband service so that you can get the best one possible.

So let’s start with the requirements

  1. A Rackspace account (Duh…)
  2. An Internet browser

After you’ve got those requirements ready, let’s head over to the next part !

  1. Login to your account (
  2. You’ll be redirected to your dashboard, where you can CRUD your servers
  3. On the menu to the left, you need to go to “Hosting”, Then “Cloud servers”
  4. Now you’ll be taken to your servers’ page ! 🙂 (I have cleared my IP addresses and server names / Data Centers)
  5. As you guessed, the next step was to add a test server by clikcing the (Add server) button
    You’ll be bombarded with a beautiful list of server flavors !, choose the best to fit your needs
    for this test I will install an Ubuntu Server (as I only need it for webdev and I need a simple setup)
  6. *Clickety Click* and Ubuntu was chosen, now choose the server size ( I chose the smallest *Cheapest* as a sandbox)
    this can be resized later !
    Call the server any name you’d like (Make sure it’s something meaningful !)
  7. After creating the server, it takes about a minute to create your server (Allocating hardware, it’s a cloud you know)
    You’ll be emailed right after the server is active ! (Notice the password written in the green box ??)
  8. After the server has been built, you now have full access to a 256mb box =)

And you’re ready to go, under the “Cloud server details” group you’ll have the IP address for this box, rackspace usually ignore any traffic between their servers, so you can do lotta backups without worrying about bandwidth !

This was a little tutorial to help you out knowing how Rackspace looks like before actually paying for anything, I love Rackspace and chose it over amazon’s EC2 !, The reasons are many, but one of the most important reasons is Non presistance of EC2 servers, (In plain english, if you shutdown, you lose all data) which is not the case in Rackspace !

If you have any comments or require any other tutorials similar to this, please leave a comment below and let me know !

I’ll be posting more articles to complete the series, in the end you should be taken through all the steps to create a Production LAMP server (and a test one too) !


  1. Maslan   •  

    from an Amazonian man:
    Do u have 1 year free usage tier 🙂

    • Mostafaberg   •     Author

      No I don’t 😉
      but I still prefer rackspace (Non volatile images !)

  2. Maslan   •  

    We now have EBS and when it’s not enough we have S3 specially when used with S3FS 🙂

    • Mostafaberg   •     Author

      It actually depends on what do you want to do with the server ?
      And yes they do support Windows servers.

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