1. Ali Merdan   •  

    ya 3am wa7eshny ya 3am !!!
    7atnazel el game deh emta b2a !! 4th wala 5th of july ??
    karim el 3esawy bysalem 3aleek ya 7amada w mesada3ny 3ala om el le3ba !! nazelha ba2a w 5alasny wenaby…

    • Berg   •     Author

      Haha the game is out yabni 😀 sorry about the 5th it was a mistake, i fixed it now 😀

      Here’s a download link
      DinoSquad – App store

    • Berg   •     Author

      Yes I used LevelHelper and SpriteHelper !
      I def. recommend those tools !

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