Fix for Adobe CS6 on Mountain Lion bug when using Middle Eastern Type Engine

I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion  AND upgraded from Photoshop CS5 to CS6 , Sweet!

For my work, I need to do some arabic typography, which is a GREAT feature in Photoshop CS6, but as soon as I enabled the Middle Eastern type Engine, PS starts freezing every 5 seconds and becomes VERY sluggish !, worry no more reader, here’s the fix!

Apparently after some research, found that the problem is with the FontCache being broken, so we’re going to fix that now with two terminal commands, first thing close any running instances of photoshop, then fire up your terminal and type those commands in (make sure your type engine is set to middle eastern before doing that from Photoshop->Preferences->Type…):

sudo atsutil databases –remove

and then

sudo rm -r  ~/Library/Caches/Adobe/TypeSupport

EDIT: Thanks to iAhmed, he says if it doesn’t work for some people, you might have to also delete all non-system folder from /Library/Fonts by running this command

sud rm -r  /Library/Fonts/

After that, start photoshop and voilá, problem magically solved !

If any of the readers has another issue please let me know in the comments and i’ll see if I can help in any way !


  1. Nidal   •  

    Once the commands are entered into terminal, is there any message that comes up to verify that the command worked successfully? The firs command gives me the list of options for the “atsutil” command. And the second one doesnt provide any response, just a new line break.

    I hope this works!

    Thank you.

    • Berg   •     Author

      No you won’t see any output, it only outputs if something fails, but if you just got a new line that means you’re okay !, the best thing to do is just test and see if it works after that !

      the commands will notify you if something goes wrong tho !

  2. StrongTequila   •  

    Unfortunately this did not work, even when you delete files manually.
    The solution is to just disable the Middle East, but then you can not write in Hebrew and Arabic.
    Adobe must urgently fix this bug.

  3. iAhmad   •  

    for those who did not work this solution with them , try to delete all non-system fonts from the folder (/Library/Fonts/) careful .. NOT system/Library/Fonts/ ..
    and then do the commands described above .. that worked with me finally 🙂

    • Abdulrahman   •  

      How do i know which are system fonts and non-system font ???

    • Berg   •     Author

      Hey iAhmad, thanks for the awesome tip !, i added your tip to the post now 🙂

    • Mahmoud Sobhy   •  

      thx it worked 🙂

    • tchiws   •  

      Thanks a LOT it worked .

  4. iHashem   •  

    Ahmed ur solution works for me thnx

  5. Abdulrahman   •  

    I Recieved this error

    rm: /Users/IL876ANI/Library/Caches/Adobe/TypeSupport: No such file or director

    • Berg   •     Author

      Hey Abdulrahman, did you get it to work yet ?
      if it says no such file or directory that means it’s already empty there…
      let me know if it works or not yet

  6. Gabriel Golan   •  

    Your solution did not work for me, upon selecting the type tool photoshop hangs for a few seconds and the beachball spins… as before
    What else could be done to solve this problem?



    • Berg   •     Author

      @Gabriel, did you try using @iAhmed’s solution ? try to clear non system fonts by running this command:

      rm /Library/Fonts/

      if it doesn’t work let me know !

  7. ZDe_Niro   •  


    How do i know which are system fonts and non-system font?


    • Berg   •     Author

      System fonts are included in the system/ folder !, as long as the directory doesn’t have the word “system/”, you’re probably okay !

  8. Hessam   •  

    You just saved my life!
    Thank you!

  9. Hessam   •  

    Now I’m all ok with Photoshop but now the text in the Dictionary App and the texts in the player in youtube website are all replaced with AAAAAA. What Should I do?

    • Berg   •     Author

      Seems you have removed system fonts , just follow this apple thread here to learn how to get the fonts reinstalled !

  10. Wael   •  

    in my case i found the fonts that make all that troubles :


    from font book disable these 5 fonts or if you have only one of them disable it and your whole life will change.

    والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    • Wael   •  

      and the same for ADOBE CS 5 Under Mac Osx 10.8 to 10.8.2

    • mohammad   •  

      i did the same above + remove the the fonts …. Its Work Fine

      تسلم يالغالي

    • Zaid   •  

      You are the man – رحم الله والديك

    • Abdulla Bufaroosha   •  

      Thank you Wael . As you mentioned
      The problem gone just after deleting fonts

      The solution is
      Go to:
      There are 7 files starting with (AppleSDGothicNeo …)
      delete these fonts

  11. Khaled   •  

    Thanks for the tips guys it worked for me but now im left with few fonts only, around 25 maybe, all fonts came with photoshop are gone?

  12. Roufaeloo   •  

    Thanks a lot !!

  13. Roufaeloo   •  

    .. The same problem happens again when i installed new fonts !!!

    • Berg   •     Author

      That’s probably cause the fonts are corrupt ! Can you try to reinstall ?

    • Naveen   •  

      thanks man the 2nd solution worked for me.

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  15. Charles   •  

    Disable font previews on Preferences if using CS5 or under Type Menu > Font Preview Size – Select “None”. Knew about this fix since CS5 first came out.

  16. Alyssa   •  

    Hey! So i followed your instructions. It didn’t work for me so I uninstalled CS6 and downloaded CS5. Now most of my fonts are missing. What can I do to recover them?

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