Integrating GREE into your cocos2d(-x) game !

UPDATE 2: I recommend following the official guide from GREE’s blog !, since it’ll always be up to date (I guess)
UPDATE 1: I’ve now updated the tutorial to support cocos2d-x !, thanks to the readers who’ve helped out !

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Okay, A couple of the readers on the last GREE post requested that I do this writeup to show you how to implement the GREE platform into your cocos2d game !
So, here it is folks !

Note: if you just want the code immediately, here’s the download link !, for everyone else, read on!

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How to add GREE to your iOS game

[box type=”info”] Edit: I’ve created another writeup on integrating GREE with cocos2d , read it here ![/box]

Hey Geeks !

So , if you’re a game developer, you’ve probably heard the news, GREE is out, OpenFeint is dead,  you went to get started, and found out it has worse documentation than OpenFeint and probably couldn’t compile it !

I took the time to play around with it, and this is a little writeup on how I registered the test app on the developer panel, and compiled the test app and made it work.
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Newbie’s guide to Rackspace (Server Creation)

Hello nerds,

I’m writing this quickie as a tutorial on how to create your first server on rackspace, However, I won’t discuss how to set it up, just the creation part, I’ll show you how to interact and setup the server in another article. One of the requirements is a fast and stable internet connection. You’ll want to be sure you have good advisers for broadband service so that you can get the best one possible.

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